There is a lot of security and comfort in assurance. We ensure that all our clients are assured of, not just increased revenue but thorough HIPAA compliance, as well.  We strictly adhere to all the regulations set forth by HIPPA and are aligned with the changing guidelines.

We’ve constantly raised the benchmark for data security in the industry. All our data interchanges and transmissions are encrypted. We offer best of class HIPPA endorsed security options and your data is as safe with us, as it is in your office.

We provide complete confidentiality of dental records. All records are protected using encrypted passwords and allowed limited access. No data capturing devices are allowed, thereby ensuring that sensitive patient information never gets compromised. We have a responsive staff that would be more than happy to answer all your queries on the security options we provide

We sign a business associate and HIPPA agreement form before on-boarding any client

Secured Facility Access:

  • ID Cards Mandatory
  • On Site Security Personnel
  • Restricted Entry

Limited Data Access:

  • Auto-logoff
  • Username/password protection
  • Password-protected screensavers
  • All transmitted data secured with 128-bit encryption
  • Data stored in a secure server with defined access rights
  • Employee training program for HIPAA awareness