This is our best selling service and is the most appreciated by clients.

The service is designed to ensure that our clients collect every cent that possibly can be collected from the AR which is sitting in the < 60 & <90 days bucket. Our calling and denials resolution teams work dedicatedly towards fighting for the hard earned money of our clients.

The process at the client’s end is as simple as submitting a AR excel sheet and we take care of the rest.

Key Deliverables

–    Sorting and Prioritizing accounts on basis of collectability

–    Calling the respective insurance companies

–    Part paid / part denied report

–    Insurance and patient collectible breakdown report

–    Reasons for denials report

–    Claim re submission report

–    Payment posting report

–    Write off report

–    Patient statement report


The expertise of our certified professionals combined with our proprietary workflow management tool guarantees increased cash flows and reduced manpower costs for all of our clients.

Key Deliverables:

–    Coding and charge entry

–    Claim scrubbing

–    Claim submission

–    Payment Posting

–    Denials management

–    AR follow up


Our credentialing specialists have tremendous experience in the domain and are well versed with the process, requirements and specifics of all insurance networks. The vision is to save our clients the money,time and resources spent on the lengthy and tedious process.

We provide enrollment services for:

–    All commercial insurance payors

–    Medicaid / Medicare

–    CAQH registration

–    CLIA application & processing

–    EFT application & setup


The Full Time Employee (FTE) engagement model has done wonders for many of our clients. Dedicated and experienced resources are assigned to our clients and office managers can assign specific jobs and responsibilities to off site FTE’s and monitor the progress at will. It is a transparent, flexible, secure and scalable method for seamless productivity.

Key Benefits:

–    Low fixed monthly costs

–    No hiring hassle

–    Trained and experienced resources

–    Faster turnaround times


Having been serving our clients in the healthcare domain for the past 17 years, we have developed and advanced in our knowledge and expertise of all major specialties and associated technologies.

Practice Management Software’s Specialties Covered
Dentrix General Dentistry
Eaglesoft Pediatric Dentistry
Open Dental Orthodontics
CS Soft Dent Periodontics
Easy Dental Oral & Maxillofacial