This is our best selling service and is the most appreciated by clients.

The service is designed to ensure that our clients collect every cent that possibly can be collected from the AR which is sitting in the < 60 & <90 days bucket. Our calling and denials resolution teams work dedicatedly towards fighting for the hard earned money of our clients.

We work with you to establish joint follow-up parameters, adjustment rules, and standards for account elevation.


  • Generating & assigning AR report
  • AR calling process
  • Claim Resolution Process
  • Resubmission of Claims
  • Creation and submission of AR Follow Up Summary Report


  • Sorting and Prioritizing accounts on basis of collectability
  • Calling the respective insurance companies
  • Part paid / part denied report
  • Insurance and patient collectible breakdown report
  • Reasons for denials report
  • Claim re submission report
  • Payment posting report
  • Adjustments / Write off report
  • Patient statement report