Patient insurance eligibility verification is the starting point of the RCM process and undeniably the most important. Claim denials due to errors in the verification process occupy the top spot in the list for rejections of payor payments. It is a critical process and requires experience and a combined understanding of dentistry and the insurance industry.

We have a rigorous process in place which ensures all required details of the plan and coverages as per the treatment are captured with utmost accuracy.


  • Calling the respective insurance company
  • Breakdown Form Completion
  • Updating Details Appointment Notes
  • Review and Appointment Confirmation in PMS
  • Providing Office Manager with daily EV Summary Report


  • All Verifications completed 48 Hours prior to appointment
  • All related notes entered into the PMS
  • All related notes entered into the PMS
  • Creation and submission of daily ‘EV Summary Report’