All payments are reviewed, posted, automatically compared against fee schedules and then balanced. Even when a claim is paid, patients may frequently carry a second insurance, necessitating the balance from the primary claim to be sent to a secondary payer. Even on a flawless claim, it can take multiple claims or patient bills to get you paid correctly. Our dedicated RCM reimbursement specialists post, analyze, research, correct, and reprocess or appeal any denials and efficiently manage this entire process for you without disruption.


  • Review of EOB
  • Itemized payment posting
  • Separating zero paid / partial paid claims for AR follow up
  • Separating claims with patient responsibilities for statement generation
  • Providing Office Manager with Payment Posting Summary Report


  • EOB review and account scrubbing
  • Itemized payment posting
  • Creation and submission of ‘Payment Posting Report’