Accounts Receivable Services

Optimize your cash flow and financial performance with our timely and
precise accounts receivable services

Augmenting revenue by outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services

We fully understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers when it comes to efficiently managing their revenue cycles. That’s why we offer a comprehensive solution – outsourcing your accounts receivable services to our team of experts. Our round-the-clock team stands ready to aid you with any billing inquiries or issues that may surface.

But our commitment to your success doesn’t stop there. Our team of dedicated professionals is available 24/7 to assist you with any billing queries or concerns that may arise. You can rely on us to provide you with the support you need, whenever you need it.

Choosing USADS as your trusted partner in managing your accounts receivable will not only solve your revenue cycle challenges but also have a significant impact on your financial performance. In fact, we guarantee a remarkable 25% increase in collections – a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering optimal results.

Don’t wait any longer to streamline your accounts receivable management process. Experience the benefits firsthand by partnering with us. Together, we can enhance the financial performance of your healthcare establishment and provide you with the unmatched efficiency you deserve.

Clean Claims On First Submission
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HIPAA Compliance
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Increase in Collections
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Our Process for Accounts Receivable


Claims Filing

File claims to insurance carrier


Tracking status

Follow-up with carrier to track claims status


Identifying denial causes

Identify causes and act upon denied claims



Connect with carrier or patient for clarifications



Re-submit claims to insurance carrier


Final payment

Monitor status of refiled claims until paid

Select Quality Care: Let us handle your Accounts Receivables

Breeze through your financial plan with our comprehensive dental care management, with a well-executed plan towards improved income, diminished denials, and patient-driven billing experiences.

Dental billing process

Our comprehensive package of dental billing solutions is designed to transform your revenue cycle, streamlining the billing process for dental procedures and maximizing reimbursements.

Effectual cash flow

Our meticulous cash management strategies will help you achieve financial stability, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and promoting growth opportunities.

Liability analysis

With our in-depth liability analysis, you can unlock valuable insights that empower you to identify and rectify financial risks, paving the way for sustainable financial health.

Credit Balance Validation

Our specialized credit balance services allow you to effortlessly manage and resolve credit balances, maintaining compliance with regulations and enhancing patient trust with swift and accurate refunds.

Insurance authentication

We understand the importance of verifying insurance details to minimize claim denials, eliminate administrative hurdles, and improve the overall reimbursement process for all stakeholders.

Resolving claim denials

Our team seamlessly verifies insurance information, ensuring that claims are submitted with the correct information and reducing the likelihood of denials.

Billing support

Patient satisfaction is a key focus for us, and our compassionate patient billing support team is dedicated to providing clear and transparent billing explanations, as well as personalized payment options.

Revenue Analysis

Through a thorough assessment of each stage of the revenue cycle, our comprehensive revenue cycle analysis provides you with valuable insights that can help identify operational bottlenecks and implement performance improvement strategies.

Expediting claims processing

Our claims adjudication services expedite claims processing, ensuring accuracy and prompt resolution of complex claims for accelerated revenue realization.

Our Accounts Receivable Services

ForAR management, we prioritize data security & HIPAA compliance, achieving 100% compliance. Our denial management expertise results in a 95% success rate overturning denied claims, increasing revenue potential & minimizing inadequate filings. As your trusted partner for Accounts Receivable management, we prioritize data security and compliance, adhering strictly to HIPAA regulations and achieving a perfect 100% compliance record. Additionally, our denial management expertise leads to an impressive 95% success rate in overturning denied claims, significantly increasing your revenue potential and minimizing revenue leakages arising from inadequate filings.

Operational Capacity – Boost by


Claim Denials – Reduce by


Collection Rate – Accelerate by


Revenue Recovery – Improve by


Frequently Asked

AR services include handling the billing and collection procedures for medical practices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. This includes creating invoices, resolving any billing issues, and following up on claims that have not been paid.

AR services are significant for clinical practices to keep up with consistent income and monetary steadiness. By re-appropriating AR errands to particular experts, practices can zero in on understanding consideration while guaranteeing that their charging processes are proficient and powerful.

AR services incorporate a scope of errands, including guarantee accommodation, installment posting, forswearing the executives, requests handling, patient charging requests, and income cycle investigation.

AR services utilize experienced experts who are knowledgeable in clinical charging guidelines and coding prerequisites. By guaranteeing precise case accommodation these administrations assist with decreasing case dissents and improve the probability of repayment for clinical benefits availed.

Indeed, AR services assume a critical part in further developing income cycle. These services help healthcare providers maximize revenue collection and reduce revenue leakage by identifying billing inefficiencies, implementing best practices, and utilizing technology solutions.

Yes, reputable AR service providers provide adaptable solutions that are tailored to each healthcare provider’s specific requirements and preferences.