DentTracks is All in one Dental Patient Management Software (PMS) Aggregator Centralized, Cloud-Based Solution

DentTracks offers a cloud-based Dental IT solution custom configured, standardized and optimized to the practice and its workflows. Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system, with reduced up-front cost including FREE maintenance, support and upgrades. Our servers are hosted with industry leading cloud services that guarantee 99.9% uptime with reduced liability compared to onsite systems. DentTracks maintains data security in accordance with HIPAA and PCI compliance. Minimum computing skills and experience required to use DentTracks.

Features that you really love

Let our automation inspire, guide, navigate and help both your practice and team succeed

Live Reporting

Get a visual snapshot of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your practice daily. KPIs are provided with actionable outcomes and constructive accountability.

Intuitive Dashboards

Dashboards that can guide business growth and enable staff development leading to the success of the practice.

Daily Check-In

DentTracks Dashboards enable you to have a glimpse of all KPI. Each module gives you a focused perspective on it’s own KPI.

Use Technology to Retain and Attract Staff

Configurable to the unique workflows of any office with custom dashboards that provide detailed accountability of funds and resources


Utilize PMS data in a meaningful way through DentTracks to analyze, control & modify repeatable processes tailored to your practice needs.


Create transparency and instill motivation to perform based on easy visibility of numbers and error correction logs for each personnel in the office.


Let our automation inspire, guide, navigate and help both your practice and team succeed. Keep the human element, AND keep it utmost efficient.

Innovative Solution for Staff Management, Staff Motivation & Constructive Accountability

  • Adopt strategies that increase employee retention by building a culture focused on communication, collaboration, recognition, co-creation, transparency, and relationships.
  • Articulate your vision, align and engage your team, listen to questions, address concerns, provide feedback, and implement suggestions.
  • DentTracks helps to align, engage and update on their benchmarks, transforming effort into brownie points for conversion into tangible value easily visible on the dashboard.