USA Dental Solutions is a progressive, customer-oriented dental practice management & IT services company based out of Houston, Texas. We are a leading nation Revenue Cycle & Business Management Consulting provider catering to dental practitioners in the United States. Successfully operating in the industry since 2009, we have the required infrastructure, resources, expertise and experience to deliver with excellence. Our dedicated teams ensure quality with consistency and a value proposition that best meets our clients‟ needs.

Who We Are
Improved Collections: We have a proven track record of increasing our client‟s collections by a minimum of 15%.
Reduced Costs: Our clients have reported up to 30% reduction in their operational expenses post signing up with us.
Customer Success: 90% of our customers say that our service and commitment levels way higher than their previous vendors.


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we provide only quality

Our Primary Services

This is our best selling service and is the most appreciated by clients. The process at the client’s end is as simple as submitting a AR excel sheet and we take care of the rest.
The expertise of our certified professionals combined with our proprietary workflow management tool guarantees increased cash flows and reduced manpower costs for all of our clients.
Having been serving our clients in the healthcare domain for the past 17 years, we have developed and advanced in our knowledge and expertise of all major specialties and associated technologies.
Our credentialing specialists have tremendous experience in the domain and are well versed with the process, requirements and specifics of all insurance networks. The vision is to save our clients the money,time and resources spent on the lengthy and tedious process.
The Full Time Employee (FTE) engagement model has done wonders for many of our clients. Dedicated and experienced resources are assigned to our clients and office managers can assign specific jobs and responsibilities to off site FTE’s and monitor the progress at will.
Experience that Matters
90% of our customers say that our service and commitment levels way higher than their previous vendors.We have a proven track record of increasing our client’s collections by a minimum of 15%.
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